2014 -2016  DFA Researcher,  Nicolas Copernicus University, Torun, Poland
01.09 2013- 31.05. 2014 DFA Visiting Researcher, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Finland
2011-2013 DFA Researcher, Nicolas Copernicus University, Torun, Poland
2006-2011 Faculty of Painting, MA, Nicolas Copernicus University, Torun, Poland
2010 Accademia di Belle Arti, Palermo, Italy, (Erasmus exchange)

2016 Scholarship of The President of the Torun
2015  Marshal of The Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship Artistic Scholarship
2013-2014 Finnish Government Scholarship Pool, CIMO Grant, Helsinki, Finland
2013 Scholarship of The President of the Torun
2012 Marshal of The Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship Artistic Scholarship
2010 Marshal of The Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship Artistic Scholarship
2005-2006 Prime Minister Scholarship
2005-2006 Culture Minister Scholarship
2005-2006 Krosno Mayor Scholarship
2004-2005 Krosno Mayor Scholarship
2004 Memoriam Foundation of Anna Kobak-Pisowacka, AKAPI Scholarship
02-23.05.2014 Curatorial Procedures, Node Center for Curatorial Studies, Berlin, Germany

18-25.07.2-14, 8-17.09 2014 LOCIS, Residence Botkyrka, Botkyrka Konsthall, Sweden
09-17.07 2014 International Young Artists’ Fine Arts Colony – LindArt, Lendava, Slovenia
01-30. 03. 2014  HOW TO SHOW? LAB FOR RESEARCH AND ART, Europäische Gesellschaft für Forschung und Kunst, Berlin, Germany
02-29.02.2014  Berlin Residence, Brunnenstrase 45, Stokholm Royal Institute of Art, Academy of Fine Art in Helsinki, Berlin, Germany


Individual exibitions:
16.09–09.10.2016 Blue Mountains Rediscovered, Wozownia Gallery, Torun, Poland
27.02.2016 – 31.03.2016, ERROR STATEGY,   Blue Mountains City Art Gallery, Katoomba, Australia

01.05.15 – 04.05.15 TRAP FOCUS, Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki, Finland
16.04.2015 Lubostron Castle, Lubostron, Poland
07.04.2015 Forum Gallery, Torun, Poland

14-30. 03. 2014  Carbon Copy, Secondhome Projects, Berlin, Germany
05.03.2014 THESAMEONBOTHSIDES = THE SAME ON BOTH SIDES, MD_S Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland

23.11-07.12.2012 Take me to the Wonderland, BWA, Sanok, Poland
08.12.2012 Take me to the Wonderland, Przefestival, CoCA, Torun, Poland
08.06.2012  In the hall of pumps, Bielanska Water Station, Torun, Poland

Boolean Operations, Wozownia Art Gallery, Torun, Poland 
Sketchbook, Vistula Gallery, Torun, Poland
Beyond a plane of a Painting, Culture Center Court Artus, Torun, Poland
Beyond a plane of a Painting, Fruit Gardens I, II, Forum Gallery, Torun, Poland
Around the Form and Place, Regional Center for Cultural Borderland, Krosno, Poland 
Painting, Faculty of Mathematic and Computer Science Gallery, Torun, Poland
Big Yellow, Ruins of St. Nicholas Church, Torun, Poland 
Untitled, (Bologna), Streets of  Bologna Untitled, (Etna), Volcano in Katania, Poland
Restoring of art-recycling of art, Gallery 011, OdNowa, Torun, Poland
Playing with the form, Gallery Egoist, Torun, Poland 
2009 Painting, In-constant Gallery, Torun,  Poland
2008 Collected Painting, Gallery Five, Torun, Poland
2005 Scholars of Foundation AKAPI, Gallery Na Jatkach, Wroclaw, Poland
2004 Scholars of Foundation AKAPI, Pasaz Gallery, Iwonicz Zdroj, Scholars of Foundation AKAPI, Regional Museum of Adam Fastnacht, Brzozow,  Poland

Group Exibitions:

Liber Mundi: Exhibition & Panel, Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, USA
Liber Mundi International Zine Project Exhibition, San Francisco Public Library, USA
Liber Mundi Pop Up Exhibit, Paley Library Lecture Hall, Polett Walk, USA

27.11. 2015 – 17.01. 2016 Galeria Bielska BWA,  Bielska Jesień, Bielsko- Biała, Poland
06.08 – 08.08.2015 Atrium Weimar, director:  mammasONica,  Zeotropolis – Award Winners 2015,  in collaboration with Jakub Szczesniak, Weimar, Germany
22.08 – 06.09.2015 Galeria MILOŚĆ,  Obserwatorium Miejskie – Granice,  Torun, Poland
25.08 –  18.09.2015 ABC Gallery, Summer Jam 2015, Poznań, Poland
17.09 – 20.09.2015 ART FAIR SUOMI 2015, Helsinki, Finland
13.03. – 24.04.2015 INVESTIGATIVE PAINTING, Chimera Project, Budapest, Hungary

12.12.2014- 20.02.2015 SHADOW ARCHITECTURE, Lavatories and Bazaars, MSN, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland
26.10.2014- 23.11.2014 ONE MILLION TO ONE, Exhibition in the bathroomIn Fittja & Botkyrka Konsthall, Tumba, Stockholm, Sweden
09-17.07 2014 International Young Artists’ Fine Arts Colony – LindArt, Lendava, Slovenia
26.06. 2014_rurality, Gallery Mixer, Istanbul, Turkey 
14.02. 2014  Here and There, BWA Bydgoszcz, Poland

28.06-09.09.2013 Dreamers’s Congress, CoCa, Torun, Poland
07-28.02.2013 Here and There, Spectrum Novum Gallery,  Elbląg, Poland
15.12.2013 II STALOWA Auction of Young Art, Poland

22.06-12.08 2012  In the hall of pumps, Second Hand, CoCa, Torun, Poland
12-22.04 2012  The Olimpian, Regulacja Odbioru, CoCA, Torun, Poland
01-11.03 2012  Optional Exercises, A coincidence or a method, CoCA, Torun, Poland 
29.09.2012 3rd Festival Out OF Control Production, Weglowa 10, Bialystok, Poland
25.05 01.06 2012  The Olimpian, Open Exhibition Festival, Lodz, Poland 
25.05-04.06 2012 Drawings (of) the nature, TO DRAW, Faculty of Mathematic and Computer Science Gallery, Torun, Poland 
09-03-18.03, 2012 Beyond the plane of the painting, DIPLOMA SHOW 2011, CoCA, Torun , Poland

 IN OUT, Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, (CCA), Gdansk, Poland
ZARAZ, BWA, Wroclaw, Poland
Campers with landing, Coca, Torun
Sopot Fringe Festival, MCKA, Art Zone, Zatoki Sztuki, Sopot, Poland
Campers, CoCA, Torun, Poland
Frame by Frame, Riso, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea della Sicilia, Italy
Sketchbook, Vistulla Gallery, Torun, Poland
Young Art Auction, Marchand Exhibition Salon, Warsaw, Poland
Young Art Auction, Auction House in Sopot, Warsaw Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

Capolinea, Gallery Spazio Canatella, Palermo, Italy
Erasmus Two, Palazzo Sanata Rosalia, Palermo, Italy
Young Art Auction, National Gallery of Art at the Center of Haffner, Sopot, Poland
I st Camera Obscura Photo Meeting- Otworzenie, Stargard Cultural Center, Stargard Szczeciński, Poland
2009 Young Painting from Torun, Gallery Egoist Torun, Poland
2006 Talents, temperaments, personalities – Scholars of Memoriam Foundation AKAPI, Pasaz Gallery, Iwonicz Zdroj, Poland

Career progression:

Professional experience:

2011 – 2013 Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland. Conducting classes: Painting in Architecture and Painting for Graphics with NCU Prof. Krzysztof Pitula.
2012  Center of Contemporary Art in Torun, Poland. Collaboration during one year project called: Przeprojekt. A curator of the exhibition: A Coincidence or a Method.
2011 The Foundation UTU, Torun, Poland.  Realization of an animations for project: Soundwalks (Dźwiękospacery). 
2010 -2011 Festival Opening – Meetings with pinhole photography, (Otworzenie – Spotkania z Fotografią Otworkową). Creating meetings, preparing workshops dealing with pinhole photography, helping heads of the festival in coordinating events during the festival, realization of animation for the festival.

Curatorial Skills:

  • An excellent collaborator
  • Created and researched ideas for an exhibition
  • Maintained an exhibition: researched artists, selected artworks, coordinated exhibitions and managed relationships with specialists, staff and contractors
  • Supervised and coordinated installations of live events and exhibitions
  • Drafted, designed and presented proposals to board members
  • Cultivated a creative community of artists, developed and presented exhibition
  • Collacted artist biographies and sourced objects for exhibits
  • Directed collaboration with artists for various public programmes in a gallery environment
  • Liaised with guest speakers, supervised staf
  • Generated Press Releases and collated a database of Media contacts
  • Excellent in academic skills: reading, writing, and computation
  • Prepared curatorial briefs and wall texts
  • Website content management, blog writing, images and text
  • Proficient in Social Media sites – able to developed business image/online profile
  • Computer literate, competent PC and Macintosh user
  • Website management eg: WordPress, Indexhibit
  • Proficient in industry-standard creative software Microsoft: Office, Word, Excel, Open Office, PowerPoint
  • Social Media sites i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr , LinkedIn and more.


Magda Wegrzyn is a member of:

Muu, Artists Association, Helsinki 


(GNW) Galeria nad Wisla