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During  the Opening  in Lendava Castle  – the LindArt 19, 2014


LindArt  is an artist-led initiative which strives to provide a meeting point for artists working in “traditional” visual disciplines (painting, fine print, drawing). It brings together up to 6 artists of all nationalities for 10 days to work, exchange dialogue and experiment in a way that is mutually beneficial. The platform of our workshop is based upon the motto of “co-operation” with its main idea of gathering the selected artists (that have never met before) into tandems to work during the residency period on a project-theme that is defined beforehand by the organizer. The workshop will close with an exhibition.

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Based on the rich tradition of the Lendava-Lendva International Fine Arts Colony that has attracted artist to Lendava since 1973, the Lendava-Lendva Gallery and Museum andLindart Association of young artists from Lendava introduced an innovative LindArt International Young Artists’ Fine Arts Colony in 1994. LindArt is dedicated to emerging artists and since 2007 has been focused on collaboration. Each year, from 6 to 12 participants under the age of 35 are selected and paired randomly in order to work collaboratively on a prescribed theme during the 10-day residency in July. The workshop takes place in the Lendava Castle and closes with an exhibition there.



The Lendava-Lendva Gallery and Museum was established in 1972 by the Municipality of Lendava-Lendva. Its rich archaeological, ethnological, numismatic, and visual arts collections are displayed in the Lendava Castle and are mostly prepared with Hungarian partner institutions. The gallery programme focuses on local emerging and established artists who have also been presented abroad, combined with blockbuster exhibitions by internationally acclaimed artists.



With the Lendava-Lendva International Fine Arts Colony and the LindArt International Young Artists’ Fine Arts Colony the Lendava-Lendva Gallery and Museum has also maintained a tradition of the visual arts workshops in the region. The museum organises a restoration workshop, which takes place yearly under the supervision of the National Museum, Budapest. The variety of technical means puts Lendava colony in a unique position in Europe.


1. During the  disscusion about my works with Edita Filo – art historian (Slovenia)


2. During the presentation of  the works and  disscusion with other participants of LindArt 19 :

  1. Milan HRNJAZOVIĆ (Serbia),
  2. Peter ORBAN (Slovenia),
  3. Tamar RODED (Israel),
  4. Gábor SZERDI (Hungary),
  5. Csilla Tomka (Slovenia)




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