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Residency & Exhibition

How to Show, Lab for Research and Art, Berlin, 2014 in collaboration with EGFK and SECOND HOME PROJECTS




Magda Wegrzyn Carbon Copy

How to Show
Lab for Research and Art Berlin

14.03. – 30.03. 2014


an experimental exhibition and the research in Secondhomeprojects Gallery in Berlin, Germany, 2014 by Magda Wegrzyn.

Steffen Kosslyn spend much of his time trying to answer the question: ”How does the ears of Sheppard look like?” My main qestion is: ” What do think when you look on an image”?


The experiment follows assumptions made by Bagiński & Francuz in which the effectiveness of each communication, including visual communication, is based on the assumption that two different minds produce similar representations of the world and transform it the same way. This is due to the similarity of perceptual processes, as well as the set in the common cultural context. […] For key categories, both perceptual and communication, it adopted the perceived shape of objects. This concept is the basis of beliefs and assertions concerning visual reality of ontological character. Bagiński, Francuz, (2007: 19:43) Constructing a theoretical basis for the shape, the authors assume that the minds produce the concept of visual objects called here figures that organize their identification, interpretations and transformations outside the structures of language. These operations underlie visual codes. (2007: 19:43) The experiment ask what can be understood from the drawings as a form of communication and how much of the thinking acquired in the drawing consist individual or shared approach. The experiment ask if understanding of images by participants is different than the author of the experiment, and if differences exist, how big they are and why? The experiment is performed in a form of combination of exhibition and questionnaire consisting questions about seeing of the images and objects.