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90.00 inc.VAT

Design assistance: Anna Velykorod 

Size: 100 x 70 cm

High Quality Digital Printing

Poster Paper Matte, Fsc 200g, Uncoated

Hand Signed

The motif of a checkered pattern from a popular, shopping, utility bag (so-called Russian or bazaar), became the main theme of the work, combining two seemingly distant stories.
The times of transformation, the opening of borders, the awareness of belonging to a “better Europe”, the long-awaited “whiff of capitalism”, all of that at the beginning of the 90’s, caused miggration of  Poles in search of a better  living conditions for themselves and their families.
My parents also set off “west” to work abroad carrying with them the bazaar bags.
Nowadays, like Poles in the 1990s, immigrants from Ukraine come to Poland with Russian bazaar bags stuffed with hope for a better future.
The work was designed in cooperation with Anna Velykorod from Ukraine. Two joined rings are a symbol of our cooperation, a symbol of the connected fate of migrant women and their families, a symbol of opportunities and hopes, failures, and the bitter – sweat taste of the euro – orphanhood.

The Colors May Be Slightly Different From The Monitor.

15% of the price will go to one of the children’s homes: 



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