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Magda Wegrzyn, Joanna Małecka

Noise of Common Ground
200 cm x 200 cm
acrylic on canvas

as a part of the exhibition: UpROOTing
Arka Gallery
Wilnus, Lithuania,
Curator: Egle Ganda Bogdaniene

The artwork revolves around the concept of intercultural communication in the aftermath of heightened military aggression initiated by Russia against Ukraine.

With over 1.2 million Ukrainian citizens currently residing in Poland, the Polish and Ukrainian nations share a common living space. This increased proximity in interpersonal interactions has significantly contributed to the assimilation of distinct cultural codes. The shared space facilitates an understanding of diversity, differences, as well as similarities and connections, teaching us sensitivity and how to foster effective communication. Cultural diversity has become an integral part of everyday life, extending to the linguistic domain.

The linguistic differentiation between the two nations, marked by the use of dissimilar languages and disparate alphabets, is particularly noticeable. Ukrainian employs the Cyrillic script, while Polish uses the Latin alphabet. In this unique contrast, the study emphasizes the presence of a communicative barrier, manifested in the distorted visual representation of letters that permeate various public domains. These letters symbolize adaptation, forming a representation of respect, understanding, acceptance, and coexistence that constructs a space for tolerance-based dialogue. Symbolically, through the use of letters from diverse alphabets, the artwork illustrates a shared space of multiculturalism. This space, created through mutual interaction, forms a distinctive realm of abstract multi-ethnic vibrancy. The blending of cultures through social contact fosters knowledge and exchange, facilitating the development of meaningful dialogue.