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"The phrase „investigative” refers to quote by the british
media theorist Hugo de Burgh, who states that
“an investigative journalist is a man or woman whose
profession it is to discover the truth and to identify lapses
from it in whatever media may be available.”

Conceptual political artworks by artists like Hans Haacke (e.g. Shapolsky et al Manhattan Real Estate Holdings, A Real-Time Social System as of May 1, 1971) prove that the very same investigative approach reached artistic practice a long time ago. The exhibition now applies and updates the term regarding abstract painting. By inviting three painters, the curators do not expect the artists to discover a particular or even universal truth, as proclaimed by some art historical forerunners (e.g. Ad Reinhardt) from the 20. century. The interest rather lies in the lapses de Burgh mention. We believe that even today, in the well researched field of abstract painting with it’s rich past, it is still possible for artists to discover lapses - some of the missing parts that may to through a new light on a certain aspect, so far never paid attention to."

Patrick Urwyler


Chimera Project


Magda Wegrzyn


 For more information about the project please download INVESTIGATIVE PAINTING PDF or read an exhibition text on CHIMERA PROJECT or ARTFACTS.