+ Untitled, an installation, dimensions variable, 9 objects, 2014. In collaboration with Tamar Roded, (Israel).

+ How to Show, Lab for Research and Art, Berlin, 2014 in collaboration with EGFK and SECOND HOME PROJECTS

+ ”Painting 2013”. Some paintings made by me during the year 2013.

+ MW on Shannon – Weaver’s Theory. What does it mean to communicate?

+ Wrong signal, an installation, variable dimensions, MD_S GALLERY, Wroclaw, Poland, 05.02.2014

+ Dreamer’s Congress, CoCa, Torun/Poland, 2013

+ Hype, Noise, Glamour and Dirt, street paintings 2013, Gdansk/Poland.

+ Take me to the Wonderland II, painting installation in CoCa, Torun/Poland, 2012.

+ Untitled, diptych, duration 01:12 min., 02:58 min., 2014

+ Boolean Operations, , installation: two paintings, drawings, animation on TV, curator: Katarzyna Lewandowska, Wozownia Gallery, Torun, 2011.

+ Optional exercises, installation, (sketches+video), video, duration: 00:16:45, 2012, sketches, 2012.

+ Take me to the Wonderland, installation, Thanks to Marshall of Voivodeship Kujawsko – Pomorskie, BWA Sanok/Poland, 2012

+ In the hall of pumps, video, duration: 03:59, 2012, Short semi-science fiction story about an odd expedition

+ A piece about reused materials. The art of recycling-project, an installation, variable dimensions, 011 Gallery, Od Nowa, Torun, 2010.

+ Olimpian, video, time: 00:19:22, 2012. A video about body limits.